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About us......?

I started tattooing professionally in 2007. At INKRIDER TATTOO STUDIO Udaipur, we offer a tattooing experience like no other. The main motive of our Artists is to represent not only the outward appearance of the tattoo, but their inward significance. As I progressed as a tattoo artist I soon realized that I found my niche with color realism. Inkrider tattoo studio expert in trible tattoo, God realated art tattoo,custom tattoo and 3d tattoo.

INKRIDER TATTOO STUDIO specialises in custom tattoo body art. A glimpse through my portfolio reveals my preference for religious and portrait tattoos. We not only offer the best quality in custom tattoos for all styles for both men and women, but we also provide safe and hygienic body piercings.

INKRIDER TATTOO STUDIO is a Udaipur-based tattoo studio driven by the ideals of individuality, creative excellence, and technical innovation. We offer the best selection of ink and equipment from well-known brands that are recognized by tattoo artists around the world. We use new, sterilized needles for each customer every time....

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