Tattoo Removal

As long as people get tattoos, there will be people who will want their tattoos removed. The tattoo may have been done on a dare, while drunk, or even to commemorate something that was important to the person at the time – but it may later seem downright silly. So they want it off. People with tattoos have experimented with various forms of tattoo removal over the years – some of which are crude and painful. While some of these methods are still in use today, tattoo removal is best left in the hands of licensed medical professionals to perform the operation.

Below are the most popular tattoo removal techniques that are in use today:

  • Laser TThe laser tattoo removal method offers the most satisfying results for patients. It involves the use of Q-switched lasers that release energy via a powerful pulse to essentially melt and break up the tattoo ink.
  • During this procedure, an anesthetic is first used to numb the area where the tattoo is located. Colored tattoos will require various laser treatments with other wavelengths.
  • A bit of swelling, blistering, or bleeding is to be expected after the procedure. These reactions will eventually heal.
  • Complete removal of a tattoo will normally take a few sessions. A skilled Artist can ensure that as much ink as possible is removed, and the doctor may use lightening methods to lessen the appearance of the tattoo.
  • Surgical Tattoo This is a highly invasive method that involves the physical removal of the tattooed skin itself, not just the ink. This method works best for smaller tattoos because it tends to leave a noticeable scar.
  • Because of the scarring left behind, this method is not advisable for tattoos that are larger or cover a wider expanse of skin. But it is very effective at completely removing the tattoo.


In the dermabrasion procedure, a rotating mechanical tool is used to literally sand down the outer layers of the skin. This method pushes the ink downward, causing it to sink out of the skin and be absorbed by the body.

After the procedure, you may feel a burning sensation at the site where the tattoo was. This is the least-popular type of tattoo removal among these three options, largely because of its inconsistent effectiveness and unpredictability of outcome.

Laser Tattoo Removal in Udaipur

If you have outgrown your tattoo and feel that it no longer fits you, our laser tattoo removal services at INKRIDER TATTOOS REMOVAL can give you satisfying results that will make you feel better about yourself.

Our team is also experienced in treating clients who have had ineffective and incomplete tattoo removal procedures in the past. Do not hesitate to come to us if your previous tattoo removal attempts have damaged or scarred your skin – we are here to make your skin beautiful again. We can remove leftover ink and reduce scar tissue.

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